Library History - Recent History

A plan was developed to raise money for an expansion. A bond for $1.35 million was put to a vote in 1997 and was passed. Also, volunteer fundraisers created the "Second Century Campaign" and worked diligently to secure another $500,000 in funding to complete the project.

The renovation included a 4,000 square foot addition to be used to expand the Young Readers' Section and to add space for a climate-controlled local history wing in the level below the new Young Readers area. Twenty-four new computers were also added, 12 in the Young Readers' department, and 12 in the Reference department. A new staircase was designed, and new views of Academy Cove were opened up. Lastly, the network infrastructure was revamped in order to allow the library to eliminate the makeshift wiring system they had been relying on. The renovation was completed in 1998 and has served the library well through the present day.

In 2002, Donna Dufault retired, and Susan Aylward was appointed to the position of Library Director. Paul Lefebure, Susan Berman and Susan Moreland were all Assistant Directors of different aspects of the library (Young Readers', Reference, and Technology, respectively) until Paul's retirement in 2008, and Susan Berman's retirement in 2009. Susan Aylward and Susan Moreland currently comprise the administration of the library.

Under their direction, the library has continued to offer great services to the public, including a wide variety of programming (book discussions, concerts, cooking classes, local history tours, etc.), storytimes, readers' advisory, technology instruction classes and much more. A multi-faceted website was also created to help aid library patrons over the internet.

The library's collections have also continued to increase yearly, and are now comprised of books, magazines, Audio CDs, talking books on CD, Audiocassette and Playaway, movies on DVD and VHS, computer programs, and microfilm, adding up to a total of 129,000 items.

Throughout the 2000's, the statistics have shown that the library is being used more than ever. Circulation and attendance figures are up year after year, proving that the North Kingstown Free Library will always be an integral part of the community.